The 4 Different Types of Websites

What Kind of Site(s) Do I Need?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking one website will take care of all your needs… the most successful marketers have a FLEET of sites. Different types of sites have different specific purposes, and can be tracked to measure their effectiveness and profitability.

Authority Site

When promoting you, your services, and your expertise, an authority site is key. Can contain a blog, an “About Us”, description of your services and products, and of course a way for people to contact you! For more info:

Sales Page (Mini Site)

These are highly targeted pages designed to sell a product, service, or event attendance. Get in the mindset of having a new site for each product you sell! This gets a lot easier with a service like

Squeeze Page

Want to make REAL money online? Then you need to build a contact list of your fans and followers! But you have to get their permission before you email them valuable information and offers. This is best done through a targeted opt-in page! See to learn how.

Membership Site

Getting ten people to pay you $1000 per month is difficult. But how about getting 1000 people to pay you $10 per month? Much easier to do, and a paid membership site is the way to make it happen. You keep posting valuable info on the site, and people are charged each month for access!

Want to know more, or need assistance with your own websites? Feel free to contact us to see how we can help!

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