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About Dave Hamilton

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Dave Hamilton is a passionate web developer, information marketer, speaker and online success coach.

He has mentored hundreds of clients to bring their business into the online era, and has performed successful “digital CPR” on many under-performing websites that are now producing great results.

Dave’s primary message is that even the most “non-techie” business owners can easily take advantage of the power and reach of the Internet to attract more customers, craft an impacting public image, and sell their products, services, and expertise!

Getting Started

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When he was a 12 year old growing up in Eighty-Four, PA (yes, the town was so small it only had a number) Dave landed his first tech consulting job.

After overhearing a family friend describing their process for sending out business promotional mail (a secretary would manually type thousands of addresses onto envelopes each year) Dave explained the concept of a database, and hows names could be entered ONCE and labels printed anytime after.

Dave offered to completely setup manage this process for this business, which they gladly accepted.  So while his friends were out cutting grass for summer jobs, Dave’s eyes were opened to the entrepreneur lifestyle. He was hooked.

After a Engineering degree from Penn State, and a short stint working in corporate America, Dave made a pivotal decision: he vowed never again to see the inside of a cubicle.

The entrepreneurial fires roared again, he launched Hamilton Productions, LLC- a technology/computer animation firm, specializing in court room accident reconstruction videos.

The Tampa Market… and Beyond

[frame title=”” href=”” src=”http://webmarketingmagician.com/wp-content/uploads/twins.jpg” width=”250″ height=”” type=”right” target=””]In 2002, Dave narrowly escaped a catastrophe.  He was living in Philadelphia, and and a friend set him up on a blind date with a girl visiting from Alabama, Renea Russell.

The catastrophe: Dave almost turned down the offer.

The blind date was a hit, Dave was completely smitten by the charms of this southern belle, and the two were married  in the fall of 2003.

The cold Philly winters began to take a toll, however, and in 2006 Dave and Renea (and their newborn Jake) decided to uproot and move south to beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida.

The blue skies and sunshine proved to be even more very fruitful than he had hoped. While Dave was busy expanding his business, they got the news their family was expanding as well; they were pregnant, and twins were on the way!

Luke and Lily joined made their debut in 2007, and there has not been a dull moment since.

 Web Marketing Magician: How Can I Help You?

[frame title=”” href=”” src=”http://webmarketingmagician.com/wp-content/uploads/online-business-setup-specialist-Dave-Hamilton-profile4.png” height=”” type=”left” target=””]It was here Dave  began his web development and marketing business.

Working with a very powerful marketing software called “Web Marketing Magic”, Dave acquired his infamous blue wizard hat, and thus became the Web Marketing Magician.

Initially, Dave only serviced a very few higher level clients, but after seeing how many people need assistance growing their business online, Dave soon because working with speakers, authors, consultants, as well as local business owners in his hometown of Tampa.

To date he has worked with hundreds of clients on 5 different continents.

Dave’s passion is to help grow his  businesses of all sizes using the power of the Internet.  Specializing in website development, information marketing, local lead generation, and many other consulting services, clients have seen growth not only in their bottom line, but also their ability to understand and utilize new technologies that can attract a new generation of customers!

If you’re looking to learn how to expand your personal business online (even if you don’t speak techno-geek), contact the Web Marketing Magician today!

What clients are saying:

“After my NFL career, my passion to help train young athletes was born, but only became a reality when Dave got involved. I now have sites that are getting the attention of college and pro athletic departments. I don’t know how you do it Dave, you truly are the Magician! Thanks!”
Isaac Byrd, NFL and Super Bowl Veteran
“Dave is a master at setting up your online business, and making it WORK! He is a trusted friend, has helped MANY of my coaching clients. If he has a new product or service, I have 100% confidence it will be the highest quality. I highly recommend you use his services!”
Fred Gleeck, Information Marketing Expert

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