Ebook Creation Kit

 Ebook Creation Kit

Objective: To put your expertise into a written ebook format using the premade Microsoft Word ebook template.

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For your first product, which will most likely lead to many others in your niche, we’re going to create an ebook. And while you see the snazzy 3D cover to the left, yours will be delivered electronically- meaning it’s not printed or shipped… it’s DOWNLOADED.

The huge advantage of this format is that you can INSTANTLY deliver this product to a paying customer, and they can begin reading a mere seconds after they pay.

And the best part, this process will go on completely free of your involvement. You can be at your day job, asleep, or basking on the beach, and your website is still taking orders, and still delivering products. We’ll get into this more later, but it all begins with your first product.

Writing an ebook is not as daunting as it may sound, especially since you’re writing about something you’re passionate about.

And while you’re ebook can have any length you like, and any format you like, here’s a few tips that might help on the first one.

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  1. Have a clear objective. Can you answer, in one sentence, what the ebook is about? If not, you might want to refocus. Going on tangents can help to fill up space, but is also a quick way to lose readers. Each chapter, each sub section should in some way help guide people towards your ebook’s mission statement.
  2. Check out the competition. In the last step, we did the research, and saw who you were up against. (Just to drive it home: you WANT competition! If you’re all alone in a niche… RED FLAG.) But don’t stop at research, why not buy the ebooks out there? By all means don’t plagiarize, but there’s no better way to generate ideas than to see how others are doing it. And by the way, you can bet they’re going to be purchasing yours as well!
  3. Organize before you start! Most great ebooks begin with a simple outline, and then you just take time writing small chunks. Seems elementary.. but staring at a blank MS Word screen can be intimidating.
  4. Don’t try to cover EVERYTHING. In most cases, your first ebook will be used as an incentive to get people into your “list”, where you can upsell them to bigger and more comprehensive products. By all means make the ebook packed with quality content… but don’t feel you have to cover every nugget of information you have.
  5. It’s your book, be entertaining! Nobody enjoyed reading a math book in school, and your ebook should not have the same dullness. Write conversationally, engage the reader, try to anticipate the questions they will be asking, and address this. Most of all, let your personality come through in your writing!
  6. Edit, but don’t obsess. A wise man once said, “Done is better than perfect.” While you don’t want to put out fluff or garbage content… most of us fall on the other end of the spectrum- making dozens of revisions, and never feeling it’s “good enough” to publish. Do a spell check, get a few people to give candid feedback, and then LAUNCH that puppy!

Your Ebook Template

To help you get started, we’ve provided a professional looking ebook template for Microsoft Word.

While this doesn’t include the fancy cover graphics you see above (we’ll talk about that in the next step), it has everything you need for the “guts” of the ebook, title page, table of contents, chapters, even appendices.

[membership_download_item_doc link=”http://www.infomarketing101.com/wp-content/uploads/Ebook-Template.doc” + target=”_self”]Download this template here![/membership_download_item_doc]

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[three_columns_1]Cover Page
This page is blank on the template, but when you have your cover art designed, you can just paste it right onto this page! It’s not essential, but gives your ebook a professional look.[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]Title Page
A Pre-written disclaimer is provided on the title page. Also, from this page forward, a header (add your ebook title) and a footer (great for a bounce back offer) are visible.[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]Table of Contents
Don’t fill this out until your ebook is completed, or you’ll be going back to tweak this page constantly. Each chapter has a title and description, makes it easy for your readers![/three_columns_3]

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[three_columns_1]Introduction Page
Lets you tell them a little about yourself, and why you write the ebook. A great way to connect with them before they even get started! Be real, be brief.[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]Chapter Page
Here’s where your main writing will be. Copy/paste as many of these pages as you need! Note the cool drop cap, and text box… see the videos tutorial for details.[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]Appendix Page
These are optional, but often appropriate to include a FAQ, a list of resources, contact info, or a way to purchase more of your stuff![/three_columns_3]

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You’re All Set, So Start Writing!

Download the Word Template above, and use it as your guide to write.

The following video will show you how to customize this template as your ebook starts to take shape!

Note: The ebook cover graphics will be addressed in the next step. Once you have your cover, you’ll want to paste it into your Word document.

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Video: How to Customize The Ebook Template in MS Word



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