It’s a Fact: Your Customers Are Searching For Your Right Now On their Phones. Is Your Site Ready?

61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call.
(Google, 2012)

Make it easy for your smart phone customers to reach you with a custom moblie site!

We live in a mobile era.

Smartphones are selling at an astronomical rate, and people of all ages are getting very savvy at searching the web with them.  So you’d better believe they’re looking for local business with them.

And for most businesses, their current site looks fairly terrible when viewed through an Smartphone.

To take advantage of these smartphone searches, forward thinking businesses are creating “mobile sites”.  These websites are a sharp, but scaled down version of your existing site. They usually contain only the basics people on the go need: a link to call you, a link to email you, a link to see you on a map.

If done well, they are essential to capturing smartphone traffic and converting these searches to what you really want- a call, an email, or a visit to your location!

Some Mobile Site Examples:

I’m in!  I want to get started!