Info Marketing 101: The Newbie’s Guide to Selling Your First Online Product!

You’ve got some valuable information between your ears… but the real trick is how to make money with your knowledge.  What if you could package what you know, set up an automated sales process online, and drive hungry customers to purchase it?And then, or course, repeat the process a dozen times!

This is the exact focus of Info Marketing 101.

Easy to follow  tutorials, screen capture videos, FAQs, and lots of download goodies show you step-by-step, click-by-click how to package your first eBook, create a killer sales site, and sell it to the world… all assuming you’re not a techno-geek, and that you’re looking for the most inexpensive way to launch this first product!


Shopping Cart Basics: Setting Up A Successful Online Store

An organized, professional shopping cart is really the backbone of your online business. Once set up, it allows you to easily add new products, add the “Buy” links to your websites, and process payments seamlessly, delivering digital (download) products to customers after they pay. THIS is how automated businesses are created!

In this training series, you’ll be guided to easily setting up your Web Marketing Magic (1Shopping Cart) account to look and perform like you need it to. You’ll be shown exactly how to do your initial setup and branding, add your first product, integrate paypal and credit card processing, and create follow up autoresponder emails for your customers.

Setting up an online store is a major achievement, but maximizing your profits means utilizing the vast marketing tools at your fingertips. You’ll learn how to use:

  • Coupon Codes – offer incentives, quantity discounts, and time sensitive offers
  • Shopping Cart Upsells – as customers are pulling out their credit cards, offer related items to throw into their cart!
  • Metrics and Tracking – learn where people are clicking, and where the weak spots on your website. Don’t guess, let the data guide you!
  • Enhanced Cart Layout – add testimonials, product images, guarantees and more right on you checkout page.
  • Much more!



Ebook Creation Kit

Creating eBooks is a fantastic way to deliver your knowledge in an easily sellable product.  The tough part comes when you start out just staring at a blank Microsoft Word screen!

To help you with this, our Ebook Creation Kit gives you a “ready-to-go” template file so you just  add your content, and POOF! a professional looking book ready to sell!  The perfect jumpstart to packaging your knowledge into your own library of Ebooks!  This Microsoft Word file contains a cover page (you provide the graphic), title page, table of contents, chapter content page, even FAQ and appendices.   It also has sharp looking header and footer, including page numbering and book title (fully customizable, of course). You’ll also have access to training videos on editing tips, and how to create a PDF document from this file.

Click below to see what the pages look like!


Individual Property Sites Theme

Real Estate professionals are always looking for a way to set themselves apart, but without killing their wallet. These sites go up in 20 minutes, even if you’re not a “computer person”!

The key is our three step process- Preparation (compile all the property info in our Content Preparation Form), Installation (our video training shows you every step, every click) and Customization- just copy and paste the details into the site!

Put one of these sites up before a listing presentation to REALLY dazzle your clients!