Websites That Actually Grow Your Business:
Now THAT Would Be Magical!

We can all agree that we’re living in the “Internet Era”, and businesses that invest in their web presence can easily double or triple their business- often more quickly than through traditional marketing avenues.

The problem is, there are so many moving parts to a successful online business.  Websites, Google rankings, social media, autoresponders… and many more things that only translate into techno-geek language.

But who has the time (or desire) to dig in deep to learn how this all works?

What You Really Need

What if you had a trusted “go-to” guy, who would provide straight talk about your online presence: what’s working and what’s not, what you need to reach your goals, and a solid game plan of how to get there.

Whether you’re a local plumber or an international speaker,  your audience is probably looking for you online… or they are finding your competitor who is already waiting for them there.

This is where I come in. My passion and goal is to help as many individuals and businesses reach their business growth goals through the immense power of the web, to set up “auto-pilot” systems to increase their exposure, customer base, and of course, their bottom line!

Here’s How I Help:

Online Business Growth Consulting

If you’re feeling the need to build a new website, or are wondering why yours isn’t working, we’ll put some expert eyes on your entire system, find the bottlenecks and create a blueprint for success.

Website Development/Makeovers

Already have a website, but it’s not doing much? We’ll give your site a thorough review, and let you know the truth about whether it just needs a polish… or to be put out of it’s misery.

Local Business Lead Generation

You know what keeps local business owners up at night?  Getting more customers.  Our lead generation services have a guarantee built-in: we make your phone ring, and you don’t pay until it does.

Web Based Training Courses

Do you have training you’d like to automate, or make available only to select viewers?  We specialize in membership-based training, where only paying customers can see your material!

Ecommerce Integration

Thinking about transitioning your static website into a cash generating online store?  There’s nothing more rewarding than waking up to see fresh money in your bank account from online orders!

Information Products

Most people have a wealth of knowledge that people online are desperate to purchase.  The trick is packaging and promoting this information in automatic online sales systems.  We’re GREAT at this.

Speaking and Seminars

Need a dynamic speaker for your next seminar or sales meeting?  Dave Hamilton has a knack for making business marketing concepts interesting for people of all techie levels, and adds a touch of humor to keep things entertaining!

SEO & Web Traffic

You may have the most beautiful and effective website, but if nobody is visiting it, it might as well be a million dollar billboard in the desert.  Ask about our resources to generate targeted traffic to your sites!

Want to learn more? Contact Dave Today!

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