Client Testimonials

“After my NFL career, my passion to help train young athletes was born, but only became a reality when Dave got involved. With his help, I’ve developed products, and have a site that is getting the attention of college and pro athletic departments. I don’t know how you do it Dave, you truly are the Magician! Thanks!”
Isaac Byrd, NFL and Super Bowl Veteran, Author and Speaker

“Coaching basketball at the college level has exposed me to a LOT of great information, and I was eager to set up an online system to share this with coaches around the world. This was only a vision- until Dave got involved! He helped with the website, the graphics, my videos, and especially the product launch, which made this idea a reality. If only I could return the favor and help with his jumpshot. Thanks Dave, and GREAT to have you on the team!”
Derek Kellogg, Head Basketball Coach, U. of Massachusetts Minutemen

“Dave is a master at setting up your online business, and making it WORK! He is a trusted friend, has helped MANY of my coaching clients. If he has a new product or service, I have 100% confidence it will be the highest quality. I highly recommend you use his services!”
Fred Gleeck, Author, Speaker, Information Marketing Expert

“They don’t call Dave Hamilton the Web Marketing Magician for nothing! Dave is my “go to” guy for getting stuff done when it comes to all things web related. His work is top notch, attracts customers like a magnet, and he’s not only professional, he’s a trusted friend, and lot of fun to work with!”
Bill DeWees, National Vioce-Over Artist

“Dave is the internet information marketer’s best kept secret! He is both technical and creative- a rare combination these days. He has been instrumental in helping me get my blog working, my info products selling and web strategy refined. I recommend Dave’s services to any information marketer who is looking to get their products seen and selling online.”
Jason Brubaker, Movie Producer, Author, Speaker

“In my line of work, I never gave much thought to marketing online. With Dave’s help, we put up a site and he did his marketing thing. A month later I got a call from an out of state contractor who found us on the web, resulting in a job worth $30,000, and the new business from the website keeps rolling in. I’m a believer, Dave!”
Bob Cuffe Owner, Glacier Excavating Inc, Eureka, Montana

“Working with Dave was the BEST move I could make in turning my offline practice into a real online business. His advice is spot on, he really know his stuff. There’s no way I could have figured out all this website and online marketing on my own!”
Elliott Connie Licensed Therapist, Author and Speaker

“Dave, Thank you for your contribution on my site. You helped bring my dream of having my own information product live for people to buy into reality and I am forever grateful. Working with you in this site has been great and I look forward to our future projects together!”
Jeffrey Greco, Speaker, Author, Relationship Expert

“Dave’s easy to work with, he kept me updated every step of the way, he presented novel solutions to my marketing problems, and his execution was flawless. The value I received from Dave was more than I paid, and beyond my expectations. He’s that good.”
David Weiman, Management Psychologist & Information Marketer

“Dave Hamilton helped me create an easy to navigate, user-friendly site that expresses my ideas and spirit. He listened closely to what I wanted and took it a step beyond, giving me details I didn’t even realize were possible. He’s user-friendly himself — providing pleasant and reliable assistance without technical jargon and with a sense of humor. I highly recommend the Web Marketing Magician.”
Eleanor Barbera, PhD Author, Licensed Pschycologist

“Dave Hamilton truly is a magician! He’s extremely knowledgeable about online marketing, and has a knack for setting up great looking sites that are built to convert customers. Dave has also become a friend, and I trust his character as much as his techie brain. If you’re looking to get started online, call the Web Marketing Magician!”
Scott Straub, College Professor, Author, Entrepreneur

“Dave, thanks so much for all your help so far- your services are perfect for me! I’m really pumped to be able to work with you as my Web Marketing Magician! Finally, someone who can guide me through the technology needs of my business, but who doesn’t speak Techno-geek!I have so many ideas for taking my business to the web, I didn’t know where to start. With one phone call, you have already helped me get organized with what I need to get started. I appreciate your action-oriented approach: do this first, do this next, do this next–clear as 1-2-3. I’m so glad I found you!”
Charlyne Meinhard, Author, Speaker

“If you’re like me, the most intimidating part of this whole process is the technology- a crisp and effective website, a secure shopping cart, the ability to accept credit cards and PayPal- all the things that would allow me to sell my book online. Dave Hamilton, the Web Marketing Magician, was AMAZING in getting this all done for me! His style is patient, professional (and affordable), and he kept me in the loop during every step. I can honestly say this whole project would not have taken flight without him. I HIGHLY recommend you contact Dave if you’re looking to use the Internet to sell your books, CDs, or services! Thank you thank you thank you!!”
Ellen Delano Author, Queen Creek, AZ

“Dave is indeed a web marketing magician! I had the ideas and products, Web Marketing Magic provided the system- I just needed someone to help me put it all together. That was Dave. Through his help I cleared over $1,000 in my first 30 days, and it’s still coming in virtually every day. He’s professional, responsive and patient, and worth way more than I paid him. Don’t launch without the Magician!”
John Hamilton Author, Speaker, Educator

“Dave, you are worth every penny and then some. When we enlisted your services to help set up our shopping cart I had no idea how easy you would be to work with. Not only did you complete the work on time, we came in under budget! I also want to thank you for working so diligently with our Web Designer to get our scripts up and running so smoothly. Most of all, Dave, we appreciate the way you do business:
– No hype & no pressure
– Well organized & detail oriented
– Valuable advice & honest feedback
– Quality work & affordable for the small business owner!
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you on our future products!”
Lisa Scott Keys, Business Improvement Specialist

“Even if you’ve been in business for a while, moving things online is really a whole new ballgame. As any good consultant would be, he was always there whenever I had a question or needed to double-check my own thinking. In addition, he always had valuable feedback that kept me going in the right direction, saving me from making costly mistakes. Don’t launch your next online venture without Dave’s help!”
Paul Piexoto, Author, Speaker, and Trainer

“The Web Marketing Magic delivers on its promise—once you set up the system it works like magic. It flawlessly automates internet sales, auto responders and builds your opt-in list. I just needed a pilot to get the system up and running.Dave listened to the goals I was setting for my business and helped me put a plan into motion. Working with Dave is like having that experienced pilot, a patient teacher who really cares about the success of his students.And for no extra money you get a sincerely nice guy too!”
Paula Terifaj Veterinarian, Author

“WOW! I mean it. When I asked you to help me put together my website and all that goes with it, I never realized how hard you would work to make it happen. The tutorial’s you sent me were clear and easy to follow and I love the format you use because even someone as computer illiterate as me could easily make sense of what you were saying. And these tutorials helped me to understand what was happening on my site so that I could make better decisions about what I wanted. Dave, I would highly recommend your service to even my closest family and this means anyone else out there can take this recommendation and use it with confidence.”
Phillip Thal, LAHT Communications

“Working with Dave was almost too easy. He was quick to respond to my emails and concerns about my web page. As a new information marketer, I had a lot of questions nad concerns, but Dave took care of the technical stuff and made me feel at ease! Looking forward to working with him again.”
Rachel Ebinem, Internet Marketer, Passive Income Specialist

“Developing one’s own Ecommerce-equipped internet presence is intimidating at best — even for someone with a fairly strong background in computers. I did not want (nor could I afford) to contract with a website designer to develop my site. However, I was making little progress in doing it on my own. The “solution” provided by WebMarketingMagic, 7-Minute Minisites, and Dave Hamilton’s excellent consultative support was exactly what I needed to get up and running. While there’s still much for me to learn, I’m no longer feeling intimidated or bogged down by what’s ahead of me. Would I recommend Dave Hamilton and My answer: a resounding YES!”
Charles Walker, Missionary, Internet entrepreneur

“David Hamilton gave us a site that’s like a diamond-studded drill, ready to drive down to unearth our million-dollar online goldmine! And the turnaround time was amazing. Count on David to do the heavy lifting, while you to concentrate on what you do best!”
Kevin Dawson, Financial Copywriter

“I contacted Dave after creating my first information product. It was in my field of expertise, law- but learning how to integrate it in a shopping cart in a way that would let me sell this online? Let’s just say when Dave stepped in, he saved me at least 50 hours oh headache trying to figure everything out myself. My launch was days, not weeks away- but Dave went above and beyond, working some crazy hours, and with his hands on assistance, everything went off perfectly- ahead of schedule! He’s worth 10 times what I paid him!”
Sameer Kumar, Attorney, Serial Entrepreneur

“I have had my website up for nearly 10 years. I have had little to no success in finding anyone to help me rank it in Google. We have been working with WMM for two months now and our phone is ringing off the hook. We ask all of our customers how they found out about us and many are now saying “I found you searching Google on the Web.” Thank you for doing what you promised! It has made a big difference in our business. “
Richard Vazquez, owner, Artisan Insurance, Brandon, FL