Websites That Work: 5 Critical Questions to Ask

You’ve heard it for years: if you want to get serious about growing your business, you’ve got to go online.

So you’ve taken that first step and invested in a snazzy new website.

But where is this flood of new traffic?  Why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook?  Does this web stuff even work?  Why are your competitors having so much success online, while you’re waiting for your site to show any signs of life.

The fact is, having a website isn’t enough.  It needs direction, tracking, and a connection to your customers.  Here are 5 questions to help your transform your website into a effective marketing tool to grow your business!

Question 1: What are your website’s numbers?

Often a potential client will ask, “What do you think of my site?”

My answer is always the same: “It doesn’t matter what I think.”  You see, the biggest mistake in measuring a “good website” is bringing in your own personal taste and opinions. This isn’t your bedroom wallpaper. Leave your emotions out of it.

A healthy website determined by the numbers.

Just like you’d want to measure the progress of any salesperson you hire, the same applies to your website.  And at the very least, every website owner should know the following:


  • Unique monthly visitors
  • Sales coversion ratio (how many visitors turned into customers)
  • Opt-in conversion ratio (how many visitors turned into contact list subscribers)
  • Visitor Sources (how these visitors found your site)


The bottom line: if you don’t know your websites numbers, you are flying blind.

For a fantastic (and free!) tool to measure these stats, check out Google Analytics.

Question 2: Does your website have a clear call to action?

Here’s another way to put this:  “When people come to your website, what specific action do you want people to take?”

It’s always surprising to me how many business owners can’t answer this question.

Think about this for your business, then go to your website and see if you make it crystal clear to your visitors what they need to do.  Some examples:


  • Pick up the phone and call
  • Fill out an email form
  • Make an online purchase by clicking the buy link
  • Get in your car and visit to your store


Notice the action verbs here? Visualize your customers LOVING your site, and the prospect of doing business with you, and TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. Don’t beat around the bush here, they’re either going to do this or not.

And as long as your measuring the results, you’ll be able to tell exactly what call to action works best for your audience.

Question 3: Is your site mobile-friendly?

Question 4: Do you have incentives for non-buyers?

Question 5: Does your site take too long to load?

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Dave Hamilton is a passionate dad and husband, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering techno-geek. He lives with his wife and three kids in sunny Tampa Florida, where he can be found frequenting the beaches, basketball courts and wifi hotspots.

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